A Timeline of The Ancient Near East

Sorry about the vertical and horizontal scrolling.  I hate it when a website inflicts both on me, but
I could not think of a way to include all the data here without doing that -- and what you see here
I consider to be little more than the bare minimum for understanding the known world in pre-classical
times.  This timeline covers the six major zones of civilization in the Middle East, plus Egypt, from
3200 to 500 B.C.  I knew some readers would get confused because I use a different chronology
from what you'll see in other history books and webpages, so this will give you a rough idea of
when I believe these civilizations rose and fell.  Most of the words are links, too, so you can click
on them to go to where I wrote about those subjects.

Dates (B.C.) Egypt Israel & Lebanon Anatolia Syria Assyria & Arabia Sumer & Akkad Iran Dates
  Predynastic Times     Hamoukar & Tel Brak   Babel?    
3100               3100
3000     Catal Hüyük   Job? Sumerian city-states Susa & Anshan Founded 3000
2900               2900
2800 Protodynastic Era         Kish Dominant   2800
  (Dynasties I-II)              
2700             Sialk Tepe 2700
2600           Uruk Dominant   2600
2500 The Old Kingdom Byblos founded?   Mari Founded Arabia Dries Out     2500
  (Dynasties III-VI)   Armenia Founded?          
2400       Urkesh       2400
        Ebla   1st Dynasty of Ur Old Elamite Period  
2300               2300
2200           Lagash vs. Umma   2200
2100             Burnt City 2100
      Indo-European   Akkadian Rule Akkadian Empire      
2000 1st Intermediate Period   Migration Begins           2000
  (Dynasties VII-X)              
1900           Gutian Invaders   1900
    Abraham Göltepe   Sumerian Rule 3rd Dynasty of Ur    
1800 The Middle Kingdom     Amorite Invasion       1800
  (Dynasties XI-XII) Isaac     Ishmael Amorite Kingdoms    
1700   Jacob Kanesh         1700
    Joseph         Sukkalmah  
1600 2nd Intermediate Period     Hurrian Migration         1600
  (Dynasties XIII-XVII)       Old Assyrian Empire        
1500         Babylonian Rule Old Babylonian Empire     1500
    Moses Old Hittite Empire       Marsh Kdm.      
1400   Joshua               1400
1300         Mitanni   Kassites   Middle Elamite Period 1300
1200       Migration   Minaeans       1200
The New Kingdom       Middle Assyrian Empire        
1100 (Dynasties XVIII-XX) Phoenician Exploration               1100
    Egyptian   New Hittite Empire Egyptian            
1000   Rule Saul   Rule           1000
    David & Solomon   Israelites     Aramaean Dynasties      
900   Israel Judah   Aram Ubar Founded   Neo-Elamite I 900
        Trojan War Neo-Hittite   New Assyrian Empire        
800           States     Assyrian Domination     800
3rd Intermediate Period     Phrygia Urartu         Mannaeans  
700 (Dynasties XXI-XXV)         To Assyria Sabaean Kingdom   Neo-Elamite II 700
600 Late Period     Lydia         Neo-Babylonian Empire Median Kingdom 600
  (Dynasties XVI-XXX) In Captivity     To Babylon        
500   To Persia To Persia         To Persia Persian Empire 500

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