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Our First Moslem President?

The real Barack Obama.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, I tried to give Barack Obama the benefit of the doubt, when he said he was not a Moslem. He seemed nicer than Hillary Clinton, anyway. However, I knew that supporters like Colin Powell weren't telling the truth when they said he was never a Moslem, because when he attended school in Indonesia, under the name of Barry Soetoro, school records stated his religion as "Muslim," so at least he was one then, if not a very observant member of that creed. Now, judging from his actions since becoming president, I have a nagging suspicion that he never really left Islam. Or perhaps I should say he left Islam, but Islam didn't leave him. Here are the reasons why I suspect that in his heart, he's still a Moslem:

  1. Certifi-gate: When it became obvious (even to my untrained eye) that Obama's "certificate of live birth" was a fake, he refused to release the real birth certificate for nearly three years. By contrast, when questions arose concerning John McCain's birth, he released his birth certificate without hesitation, and the questions stopped. What was Obama hiding? That he wasn't born at all? That he was born, but not in Hawaii? That his father wasn't really the Kenyan man we all heard about? Just the fact that he waited so long to release the birth certificate leaves us wondering if the new one is the real McCoy, or a scrubbed-up version of it.
  2. His official Kenyan father, most of his Kenyan relatives, and his adopted Indonesian family were all Moslem.
  3. From his book, Dreams Of My Father:
        "The person who made me proudest of all, though, was my [half brother], Roy . . . He converted to Islam."
        "In Indonesia, I spent two years at a Muslim school . . . I studied the Koran."
  4. From his other book, The Audacity Of Hope:
        "Lolo (Obama’s step father) followed Islam . . . I looked to Lolo for guidance."
        "We are no longer just a Christian nation, we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers."
  5. He can recite the Moslem call to prayer perfectly, and described it as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset."
  6. There doesn't appear to be any record of when--or if--he left Islam. At least I never heard any biography of him mention it. Does he have a baptismal certificate? For most of us, switching religions would be one of the most important events in a lifetime.
  7. In 1995 Obama accused conservative Christians of "intolerance, narrow-mindedness, and false nostalgia."
  8. As a state senator, Obama sponsored Bill SR0110, which declared November 1, 1997 Islamic Community Center Day. It did not pass.
  9. Before running for president, Obama was a champion of civil rights for Moslems. He once said, "In the wake of 9/11, my meetings with Arab and Pakistani Americans have a more urgent quality, for the stories of detentions and FBI questioning and hard stares from neighbors have shaken their sense of security and belonging. I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." Unlike many of the promises made later, he kept this one.
  10. Moslems abroad see Obama as one of them. Aside from the terrorists we were fighting already, most of the Islamic world wanted Obama to win. What do they know that we don't?
  11. To Moslems abroad, a baby born to a Moslem father is automatically a Moslem, and a Moslem who joins another faith is an apostate. We know from the "honor killings" in Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan that the penalty for renouncing Islam is death, and it is usually an apostate Moslem's family who gets rid of him. Yet while Obama appears to be an apostate Moslem, he has received no more death threats than any other president. Again, what do Moslems know that we don't?
  12. During the 2008 primaries, a phone bank of Palestinians in Gaza made calls to the United States, urging Americans to support Obama. Why would they do that, if they can't vote for him?
  13. In 2008, the Rev. Louis Farrakhan said in a sermon that he thinks Obama is the Messiah. Would he have done that, if Obama was an apostate Moslem?
  14. When Obama decided to go to church, he did not choose a Baptist, Catholic or Episcopal church, something that most Americans can identify with. Instead, he chose the Trinity United Church of Christ, which follows the heresy of "Black Liberation Theology," and thus got sermons that were far more political than spiritual.
  15. The pastor of the above church, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, was originally a member of the Nation of Islam, before he went out and got his own congregation. In college, Wright's major was "Islamic studies."
  16. "The reverend Wright told me, on tape, that Obama came to him and said I need some spiritual advice. I don't know exactly who I am. And the reverend Wright said.... this is on tape... we know your Islam background and you have that but what you need now is some coaching on Christianity. And I asked the reverend Wright 'did you convert him from being a Muslim to a Christian?'. And he said 'well I don't know if I could go that far but I could tell you that I made it comfortable for him to accept Christianity without having to renounce his Islamic background'."--Ed Klein, author of The Amateur.
  17. After word of that church's teachings got out and raised a big stink, Obama left. Since then he has not joined another church.
  18. His longstanding friendship with Rashid Khalidi, a notorious pro-Palestinian professor.
  19. His private meeting in May 2008 with Imam Hassan Qazwini, an agent of Hezbollah and the Iranian government.
  20. Campaign gaffe #1: his claim during the 2008 primaries to have visited "fifty-seven states," and that there was one state left that he hadn't been to, besides Alaska and Hawaii. Of course, the USA doesn't have 57 states. Some sharp-eyed conservatives have pointed out that the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has 57 members, with three permanent observers. Was he really thinking of that?

  21. Campaign gaffe #2: the slip-up where he mentioned "my Muslim faith." What was he thinking when he said that?

  22. A lot of the folks who hang around Obama are anti-Semitic. In November 2008 he got most of the anti-Semitic vote. Islam is violently anti-Semitic. Another coincidence?
  23. After becoming president, Obama's first phone call to a head of state was to Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority (January 22, 2009). Because Abbas is Yasser Arafat's successor, it reminded me of how frequently Arafat visited the White House during the Clinton years.
  24. One of his first acts as president was to announce he would close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, also known as "Club Gitmo." Never mind that compared with Afghanistan, Cuba must look like a tropical paradise, even when seen from a prison. Or that we probably treat the prisoners better than their Al Qaeda and Taliban masters did. Or that most of the interrogation techniques the media is calling "torture" would be considered "hazing" by the typical college fraternity. Heck, whenever I am away from my wife, the Gitmo prisoners have better food than I do! Two years later he dropped the idea, because he couldn't find a better place for the prisoners. Of course he wanted to close Gitmo because it's a hot issue with liberals, but the prisoners are also Moslem. Would it be a priority for him if the detainees were Hindu or Christian?
  25. He ordered that Gitmo detainees stop being called "enemy combatants." Likewise, in the doublespeak of Washington, an act of terrorism is now a "man-caused disaster," and the "Global War on Terror" has become "overseas contingency operations."
  26. His first interview as president was given to the Arabic language network Al-Arabiya.
  27. Though we are deep in an economic recession, Obama pledged $900 million in aid to Gaza. Anyone with any sense knows that money will eventually end up in the hands of Hamas. A few years ago, I heard foreign aid defined as transferring money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.
  28. On his first foreign trip as president, he didn't get very excited about meeting the queen of England, but he bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, who is the official caretaker of Moslem holy places. Even the French didn't do that! In another essay I proposed that the Saudis are Satan's chosen people.

  29. Obama bowing to the Saudi king.

  30. His energy policy, which calls for cutting back on drilling for oil, and reducing consumption of all fossil fuels in favor of "green" energy sources, may be motivated by a desire to protect the environment, but it plays right into the hands of the Saudis and other OPEC nations, whose policy is to keep Western nations dependent on their oil forever.
  31. In Turkey he declared that the United States is not a "Christian nation."
  32. He told Moslems in Turkey and elsewhere that his "job" was to communicate "that the Americans are not your enemy." Apparently he forgot that in Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the United States fought on the side of a Moslem faction. That's every war involving American forces since 1990. He also forgot that Moslem extremists first declared war on us.
  33. He refused to meet with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu at the first opportunity, but offered to meet Iran's mad leaders without preconditions.
  34. And while he did meet with Netanyahu later (because Netanyahu visits the United States regularly), Obama waited until his second term to go to Israel.
  35. In March 2009 Obama called his educational plan "Five Pillars of Education." For his 2011 State Of The Union address, he offered "Five Pillars of Hope": innovation, education, infrastructure, deficit reduction, and government reform. Where did he get those names, if not from the "Five Pillars of Islam?"
  36. When he visited Georgetown University, a Catholic school, all religious symbols near the stage where he spoke were removed or covered up. Let's see if that happens the next time he visits a mosque or madrasa.
  37. From 1952 to 2008, every president observed the National Day of Prayer. Obama was the first to ignore it. He did not bother to take part in any National Day of Prayer events--but later he held a dinner in the White House for several Moslem leaders during Ramadan. And every year during Ramadan he does not wear jewelry or watches, meaning he observes at least one of the holiday's customs.
  38. For the Cairo speech on his June 2009 apology tour, Obama compared the three monothestic religions by mentioning their founders (Moses, Jesus and Mohammed), followed by the expression "peace be upon him." He also accepted the concept of an Islamic global community (the Ummah), set apart from the rest of the world. No non-Moslem would say those things, even if he was sympathetic to Islam.
  39. In the same speech, he said, "I also know that Islam has always been a part of America's story. The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco." Well, the statement about Morocco is true, but before the founding of the Black Muslim movement, the only Moslems who played a role in American history were the Barbary Pirates. Some slaves may have remained true to Islam after they were brought over from West Africa (e.g., Kunta Kinte of Roots fame), but the evidence for that is questionable. At best, the president needs to study more American history.
  40. Later on the same tour, Obama criticized the French for not allowing Moslem girls to cover their heads in school ("I reject the view of some in the West that a woman who chooses to cover her hair is somehow less equal."), but did not say a word about the appalling record of Iran and Saudi Arabia towards women.
  41. When talking about US demographics, Obama said that "If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world." Later he was asked to prove it, and he cited the CIA Factbook, saying that it reported 7 million Moslems in the United States. Nope, not even close. What the CIA Factbook really said was that an estimated 0.6% of Americans are Moslem. In a population of 308 million, that is less than 2 million, not 7 million. But even if the 7 million figure was correct, there would still be at least 32 countries with more Moslems than the United States: Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Iran . . .
  42. He refused to get involved when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stole the 2009 Iranian presidential election, though supporters of his moderate opponent called for US intervention. Instead, we saw a picture of him eating a pistachio ice cream cone. I hope they were California pistachios; you know what country pistachios originally came from, right?
  43. In the summer of 2009, Obama's hand-picked general declared that he needed 40,000 more troops to win in Afghanistan. Obama took three months to make a decision, and ended up sending only 34,000. Is the idea of victory against Moslem extremists that distasteful to him? By contrast, Bush did not hesitate when he was faced with the same situation in Iraq.
  44. In a rambling speech at the United Nations (the one that went on for nearly two hours and caused the translator to quit after screaming "I can't take it anymore!"), the Libyan dictator, Muammar el-Gaddafi, called Obama "my son." I hope he didn't mean that literally! After all, Gaddafi was both a Marxist and a Moslem. Hmmm, do we know anybody else like that?
  45. He has hired several devout Moslems with ties to radical Islamic groups for security posts. Not a good idea in the current conflict. By the way, how many Russian immigrants did we hire for important security jobs during the Cold War years?
  46. He tried to curb criticism of Nidal Malik Hasan, and refused to call the Fort Hood massacre a terrorist act, calling it "workplace violence" instead (see #25 above). Those words denied benefits and services to the victims, and made them inelligible for the Purple Heart, the medal normally given to those wounded or killed while on duty with the U.S. military. It took special acts from Congress and the State of Texas to redress this wrong.
    By the way, does anybody think that anything would be different if Al Qaeda had told Hasan to do it? I wish Obama showed as much restraint on other issues, like health care.
  47. He barely knew who Billy Graham was. During his long ministry, the reverend had met with thirteen presidents, from Harry Truman to Donald Trump; most of them valued his advice, and respected what he stood for. Even the sinful Bill Clinton listened to him. Not Obama. Graham and Obama only met once, when Obama visited Graham's house in 2010, and as far as we know, they never communicated any other time.
  48. Though insisting he is a Christian, he only pays lip service to the Christmas holiday. For a start, he does not give Christmas presents to his daughters. During his presidency, Christmas observance was limited to an expensive vacation in Hawaii every year, and the issuing of the official White House "Christmas card." I used quotes because the card never made any mention of Christmas. In December 2009, he tried to put away the fancy Nativity display that the French gave to the White House thirty years earlier, to avoid offending anybody, only to change his mind when he learned that not showing the display would offend an even larger group of Americans. It looks like the Obama family doesn't know what Christmas is all about.
  49. His NASA administrator, Charles Bolden, thinks that the primary purpose of NASA is to reach out to Moslem nations and help them feel good about Islam's contributions to science, math, and engineering. Oh my, for most of my life I thought that space exploration was the reason why we had a space program!
  50. In August 2010, he endorsed a proposal to build a thirteen-story mosque next to the ruins of the World Trade Center. Apparently he doesn't care that a strong majority of the American people oppose the Ground Zero mosque, even in liberal New York. If he has a working knowledge of Islamic history, he must know that Moslems build mosques as victory trophies, to mark the sites of their conquests. Or they might convert existing buildings into mosques; Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is an excellent example. They don't even hide this fact very well when they call the project to build the mosque the "Cordoba Initiative"; Cordoba (also spelled Cordova) was the capital of Spain when it was a Moslem country, and the great mosque in that city used to be a church. Let's see if Obama has anything to say about rebuilding the Orthodox church at Ground Zero, that was destroyed on 9/11.
  51. In 2011, he snubbed Good Friday and Easter, not issuing an official statement for either Christian holiday--but he praised Earth Day, which happened to fall on the same day as Good Friday.
  52. In May 2011, as an event for American Jewish Heritage Month, a Jewish chorus group called the Maccabeats performed for the president at the White House. A video of one of the songs they did, "Four More Years," later appeared on the Internet. This sounds like innocent fun, but the Office of the President asked that the video be removed, and, the website that posted it, complied. Does anybody know what offended Obama or his staff? After all, most Jewish-American voters cast ballots for him in both 2008 and 2012.
  53. After the Moslem Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization, won the 2011 elections in Egypt, Obama pledged $1.5 billion in aid, though the American economy was still in bad shape and government spending was out of control (compare this with #27 above). The aid included F-16 fighters and M1 Abrams tanks. In April 2012 he allowed four members of the Brotherhood to visit the White House. In June 2013, when Egyptians protested against the Moslem Brotherhood in greater numbers than had protested against the Mubarak regime, the Obama administration and the US ambassador asked the country's persecuted Christian minority to stay out of the protests against their rulers. This could be a case of Obama keeping the promise he made in #9 above.

  54. American vs. Egyptian presidents.

  55. In February 2012 both Christians and Moslems were up in arms. Christians were mad because Obama declared the Catholic Church his enemy, by introducing the health care mandate that ordered Catholic hospitals and universities to pay for birth control and abortions. Obama eventually backed down, saying that the mandate could go into effect at a later date--but it would be enacted. I suppose he thinks sin has a statute of limitations! Moslems were enraged because our troops accidentally burned some Korans, at a detention center in Afghanistan. For the world's chronically upset Islamic community, Obama immediately made another apology. What surprises me is that the Koran-burning incident happened on Obama's watch. You would think the current administration would be more careful about such matters than the previous administration was. Anyway, the point is that he took a hard line with Catholic Americans, but was conciliatory toward Afghan Moslems.
  56. When Neil Armstrong died, Obama said some appropriate words for a fallen space hero, and then posted a four-month-old picture of himself looking up, at a crescent moon and a single star. Islam's most important symbol is a crescent and a star together. Still another coincidence?
  57. As the nuclear threat from Iran increased (2012), Obama turned down another request from Netanyahu for a meeting, claiming he was too busy campaigning. However, he found time to appear on David Letterman's show. Did he think Letterman was another Jewish leader?
  58. When terrorists killed US diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, and rioting mobs attacked embassies all over the Middle East, Obama's first response was to blame the filmmaker whose anti-Mohammed movie supposedly started the trouble. Then he apologized to the Moslem world again, and only after that did he call the violence inexcusable.
  59. You probably think of Dearborn, Michigan when you think of Moslems in the United States, but it is Illinois that has the largest Moslem percentage of any state, at 2.8% of the population. Obama made Illinois his home state after growing up. One more coincidence?
  60. In the president's annual Thanksgiving address, Obama never mentioned God or made any religious references, though Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to give thanks and praise to God. While this is not evidence of him being Moslem, it casts doubt on claims that he is a Christian. If he subscribes to any religion (besides the government, which all liberals worship), he is a follower in name only.
  61. The sign you see here. Somebody tell me this picture is Photoshopped!

  62. Sign on Al-Bayt Ul Haram mosque.

  63. The release of five Taliban leaders in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter who had converted to Islam. This might have made a bit of sense if Bergdahl was an officer. No matter how long I look at this, the enemy got the better part of this deal.
  64. In the summer of 2013 Egypt got a more rational government, as the military threw out the Moslem Brotherhood and installed General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the next president. Obama's response was to suspend the military aid promised when the Moslem Brotherhood was in charge (see #52 above); he didn't give it until 2015.
  65. When Islamic terrorists gunned down the staff of the French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo, and customers in a nearby kosher deli, Obama questioned whether the victims in the deli were targeted because they were Jewish. Please Mr. President, it is obvious to the rest of us (see #22 above). Then when forty nations sent their leaders to Paris to show their support for the French in this tragedy, Obama could not be bothered to go. Nor did he send a high-ranking US official in his place, like the vice-president or the Secretary of State.
    (One week later, he realized this was a mistake and belatedly sent Secretary of State John Kerry. Kerry in turn brought the aging singer James Taylor, who serenaded the French with a rendition of "You Got a Friend" that was painful to both watch and listen to. What a joke. I don't think even supporters of the Obama administration could take that seriously. Well, at least Kerry didn't bring Cat Stevens, another light rock artist from the 1970s. Cat Stevens got out of the music business when he converted to Islam and changed his name to Yusuf Islam.)
  66. Egypt's President el-Sisi (see #61 above) responded to the Charlie Hebdo attack by declaring it was time to reform Islam with a more modern interpretation of the Koran. Bravo, Mr. el-Sisi, I've been saying the same thing since 2006! However, Obama immediately said he was against it.
  67. Obama bent over backwards to secure a nuclear agreement with Iran, the world's number one supporter of Islamic extremists. If there is a government in today's world that "needs killing," it is the theocracy that has ruled Iran since 1979. You'd think liberals like Obama would oppose a regime that stones women and hangs homosexuals. Moreover, the agreement they ended up signing is so toothless, it will allow the Iranians to get nuclear weapons in a decade or two if they keep it, and sooner if they don't. Then he sent the agreement to the United Nations for the Security Council's approval before Congress could vote on whether or not it's a bad deal, and released billions of dollars that had been frozen since the Carter presidency. What is he really trying to achieve here? It can't be a Nobel Peace Prize, since he already has one. I have wracked my brain trying to figure out what we get from the agreement, and the only answer that comes back is "nothing." At least the Munich agreement promised peace, so this is even a worse deal than what Neville Chamberlain signed.
  68. Obama and his administration cannot say the words "Islam" and "terrorism" in the same sentence. They also refuse to admit that the ISIS/ISIL group is motivated by an extreme interpretation of Islam, though the first letter in their name stands for "Islamic," for crying out loud! Nor does he seem offended by their atrocities. When ISIS released a video of them burning a Jordanian pilot alive, Obama's response was to declare that Christians cannot take the moral high ground, because they are responsible for the Crusades, the Inquisition, slavery and Jim Crow. What? Mr. President, in case you haven't heard, Christianity has gotten over that part of its past. No one today is talking about bringing back the Crusades or the Inquisition, and armed Christians are not a threat to anybody. The statement also contains an historical error; Christian clergymen did not impose slavery or Jim Crow on the United States, but led the fight to get rid of those institutions. At best, Obama is playing the moral equivalency game, which I wrote about here. This could also be his excuse for committing no more than minimal forces to the fight against ISIS, or (worst of all) he is defending the actions of a group that is the enemy of civilization as we know it. What did you really mean by that, Mr. President?

  69. Terrorists clinging to guns and religion.

  70. Whether or not Obama meant to do it, there's no disputing that the years of his presidency have been disastrous for Christians worldwide. In Iraq and Syria, Christian communities nearly two thousand years old have been wiped out; every Christian from those places is dead or has fled. Nor has he raised a finger to rescue Coptic Christians being massacred in Egypt and Libya, or to help Nigeria in its war against Boko Haram. Would anything be different for these Christians, if the president was openly backing their enemies?
  71. When Pope Francis visited the White House, Obama invited a rogue's gallery of sinners to attend the reception: transgender activists, an openly gay Episcopal bishop, and a group of nuns supporting abortion and euthanasia. Both the president and the pope are left-of-center politically, so why did the president try to offend the pope, by bringing in guests so opposed to Catholic doctrine? I doubt any of these guests came to the White House Ramadan dinners (see #36 above).
  72. The controversy that the press generated at the second 2015 debate between Republican presidential candidates, when a questioner accused Obama of being a Moslem and Donald Trump did not correct him. Who was it who said "I know by their roaring that I have hit them right?"
  73. When ISIS killed or wounded almost 500 people in Paris in one night, Obama called the attacks "a terrible and sickening setback," -- but then turned down a proposal by the president of France for a joint American-French military action to destroy ISIS.
  74. During Obama's second term, two groups of people got special treatment from Washington: Moslems and anyone who wasn't heterosexual (the LGBT crowd, see #67 above). It was a careful balancing act, though, because those two groups do not get along. In America, the clash between them came when a gunman claiming allegiance to ISIS killed and wounded 103 at a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL. The response of Obama was to blame the laws that allow law-abiding Americans to carry guns. Other liberals blamed the Republicans or Christians--anyone but the Moslem who committed the tragedy. In effect, Obama and the Left chose to side with Islamic extremism, and sacrifice their LGBT supporters in the name of "political correctness."
  75. When refugees fled the war in Syria, Obama became obsessed with taking in the persecutors, but not the victims. While American liberals and European politicians felt the same way, it is worth noting that he insisted on doing it even after ISIS claimed it had agents in the refugee groups, and those in charge of the nation's security warned they couldn't properly screen the refugees to catch terrorists among them. Moreover, less the 1% of the refugees admitted were Christians or Yazidis, groups suffering real persecution (see #66 above). Instead, most of those coming in are Moslem men between the ages of 17 and 40, prime military material, and there are fewer women, children and senior citizens than you'd expect. Is an enemy army infiltrating our cities?
  76. When the Turkish armed forces staged an unsuccessful coup, in an effort to stop the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, from transforming Turkey into an Islamist theocracy, Obama sided with Erdogan. At best he's not familiar with recent Turkish history, where one of the military's jobs is to keep the government secular. It's a good thing Kemal Atatürk isn't around to see this.
  77. His last act as president was to authorize sending $221 million in foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority. Fortunately the new Republican Congress put a hold on the money, because we all know it would mainly make Mahmoud Abbas and his cronies even richer than they already are. See #27 above; he never knew when to quit!
  78. His closest advisor is the Iranian-born, pro-Islamic Valerie Jarrett. How close is she? When Obama bought a house in Washington, DC, to live in after his presidency ended, Jarrett moved into it, too.
(Since writing this page, I have been informed of this video, which shows several of the examples I referred to in the above list.)

Don't just take my word on it, concerning everything I mentioned above. You may want to compare my list with these:

A few years ago I heard this saying about a person's behavior: "Once is a fluke, twice is a pattern, and three times is evidence." Do we have enough examples here to call them evidence?

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