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The Xenophile Historian

About the Pictures and Maps

The only problem I had with how my book was handled had to do with the pictures & maps. They were changed from color to black-and-white, taken off the pages where I put them, and stuck in the back of the book without the text I wrote to describe them. Thus, most of my readers will have trouble telling what they are looking at, especially with the maps. Of course I'll have that corrected in future editions. In the meantime, here you can see the pictures and maps individually, or go to the links at the bottom of this page to see them together.


1. Artist's conception of the Tower of Babel.
2. Sumerian farmers at work near Ur.
3. Cuneiform tablet.
4. The top of Hammurabi's law code.
5. The Step Pyramid of Zoser.
6. The pyramids of Giza.
7. Hatshepsut's temple at Deir el-Bahri.
8. A modern artist's portrait of Akhenaten.
9. Ramses II with Nubian captives.
10. Minoan athletes somersaulting over bulls.
11. "The Mask of Agamemnon."
12. The Lion's Gate at Mycenae.
13. Phoenician merchant galley.
14. Stela depicting the god Baal.
15. Winged bull from the palace of Sargon II.
16. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
17. Persian archers, from a bas-relief at Susa.
18. Alexander the Great.
19. Sarcophagus of an Etruscan couple.
20. Bronze sculpture of Romulus and Remus.
21. Hannibal in the Alps.
22. Julius Caesar.
23. Caesar Augustus.
24. Diocletian and Maximian.
25. Constantine I.
26. Theodosius I.
27. Justinian.
28. Charlemagne.
29. Spartan warriors.
30. Solon.
31. The battle of Thermopylae.
32. Pericles.
33. Colossus of Zeus.
34. Homer.
35. Socrates.
36. The painting "School of Athens."
37. Scene from the Arch of Titus.
38. Theodore Herzl.
39. David Ben-Gurion.
40. Moshe Dayan.

List of Maps

1. The spread of civilization in thousand-year steps.
2. The Table of Nations.
3. The Fertile Crescent.
4. The Middle East, about 2300 B.C.
5. The Egyptian Empire, about 1450 B.C.
6. Abraham's travels across the Fertile Crescent.
7. The generally accepted route of the Exodus.
8. Israel between 1400 and 930 B.C.
9. The Assyrian Empire, 670 B.C.
10. The Age of the Four Kingdoms, 612-550 B.C.
11. The Hellenistic World, 300 B.C.
12. The Hellenistic World, 167 B.C.
13. Rome and Carthage before the Punic Wars.
14. The Growth of Rome, 133 B.C. to 117 A.D.
15. Europe in 486 A.D.
16. The Eastern Roman Empire, 565 A.D.
17. Byzantium, 867 to 1045.
18. Byzantium, 1045 to 1453.
19. The Russian Empire.
20. The Islamic world.
21. Charlemagne's empire, 814 A.D.
22. The Holy Roman Empire, under the Hohenstaufens.
23. The German Empire.
24. The Austrian Empire.
25. The Spanish and Portuguese colonial empires.
26. The French and Italian empires.
27. The British Empire.
28. The United States of America.
29. Greek colonization.
30. The Peloponnesian War.
31. Israel in the twentieth century.

Illustrations, Chapters 1-4 (view as HTML) Illustrations, Chapters 1-4 (download as a PDF)
Illustrations, Chapters 5-10 (view as HTML) Illustrations, Chapters 5-10 (download as a PDF)
Illustrations, Chapters 11-14 (view as HTML) Illustrations, Chapters 11-14 (download as a PDF)
Map Gallery (view as HTML) Map Gallery (download as a PDF)

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