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I don't know how you got here, but this is where I put the individual essays from Chapters 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10, when those pages got too large and unwieldy. To find out what's going on with them, click on the links to one of the chapter home pages.


Chapter 3: On Politics Chapter 4: Essays on Various Topics

Topics from this chapter include:
  • Political Words to Live By
  • The Clinton Legacy
  • AutoPundit
  • If I Were the Devil
  • The Commandments, According to the Religious Left
  • Overcoming Liberalism: A 12-Step Program
  • Open Letter from African Americans to the Democratic Party
  • The Graveyard DOES Vote Democratic
  • Time for Term Limitations, in All Three branches of Government
  • What is a Neo-Conservative?
  • The Liberal Birth Dearth
  • Global Warming: Good Science or Bad Religion?
  • In Defense of Christmas
  • Our First Moslem President?
  • Why Are American Jews Liberal?
  • The Evolution of Conservatives and Liberals
  • Conservative vs. Liberal
  • You Can't Fix Stupid -- But You Can Breed It
  • The Two Lefts, Revisited
  • Is A Dark Age In Our Future?
  • The Law of 14
  • My Random Thoughts

Topics from this chapter include:
  • Bill Gates on Education
  • Only in America
  • What half a Century can Teach You About Life
  • Twenty-one Ways to Deal with a Dead Horse
  • Your Daily Moment of Zen
  • Strange Thoughts for the Day
  • For Those Who Have Gotten This Far and Still Take Life Too Seriously
  • Still More Eternal Truths
  • At Ground Zero in Florida's Year of Storms
  • The Second Greatest Generation?
  • By the Grace of God and a Female Cardinal
  • "For I Have Tasted the Fruit"
  • A Packrat Nation
  • Nature Is A Mother
  • Florida, From the Inside and Outside
Chapter 6: Topics That Won't Go Away Chapter 7: Netiquette

Topics from this chapter include:
  • My Views Regarding Alien Life
  • It Must Be The Mystery Factor
  • Pyramidology = Pyramidiocy
  • About Atlantis
  • What Race Were the Ancient Egyptians?
  • Civilization: Has It Been Worth It?
  • Doomsday in 2012?
  • My Theory of History
  • My Pet Peeves
  • Concerning Moses
  • A Liberal History of the United States
  • The Times, They Are A Changin'
  • Spengler's Laws
  • You Can't Fix Stupid -- But You Can Breed It
  • If You Can Read This, You've Got It Made
  • Is A Dark Age In Our Future?

Topics from this chapter include:
  • Basic Netiquette Guidelines
  • Urban Legends, Hoaxes, Chain Letters and The Top Ten Dangerous Computer Viruses
  • Date Rape Drug Warning
  • Some Tools for Fighting Spam
  • Friends Don't Let Friends Use AOL
  • Don't Become Phish Food
  • A report form for those who have been offended by someone else's online behavior
  • When In Doubt, Back It Up!
Chapter 8: Observations on the War on Terror Chapter 10: Secrets to Success

Topics from this chapter include:
  • War of Words: Quotes Pertaining to the Current Conflict
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Terrorism
  • A Question Concerning Israel and American Politics
  • The Middle East "Road Map," Applied to the USA
  • Some Questions About the History of Palestine
  • The Fate of the Palestinians (a page from a 23rd-century dictionary)
  • The Myth of Afghan Invincibility
  • The Liberal Rules of War
  • The New Jews
  • Comedemocracy: A Theory
  • A Call for an Islamic Reformation
  • Satan's Chosen People?
  • The Real Enemy
  • A Military History of France
  • Time For A New Manhattan Project
  • All European Life Died In Auschwitz
  • ‘World Opinion’ is Worthless
  • Couch Potato Warriors
  • How to Handle an Irritating Seatmate
  • Airline Travel Isn't Fun Anymore
  • Our First Moslem President?
  • Why Won't Anti-Semitism Go Away?
  • The Best of Victor Davis Hanson
  • Why I Am Not A 9/11 Truther
  • Unconventional Tactics For Fighting Terrorism
  • The Two Lefts, Revisited
  • Is A Dark Age In Our Future?

Topics from this chapter include:
  • Quotes from Successful People
  • Just Quit Now
  • Expect to Go Alone
  • Limit Your Options
  • Entitlement as a Way of Thinking
  • Land of the Free (to Lay Blame)
  • Don't Catch the Wave, Get In Front of It!
  • How To Conquer Florida
  • My Success Bibliography

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