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The Xenophile Historian

A History of Christianity


(and malcontents)

Chapter 1: The Development of the Early Church (1 to 300 A.D.)
Chapter 2: Christ Conquers Caesar (300 to 600)
Chapter 3: Europe as a Christian Society (600 to 1000)
Chapter 4: The Age of Faith (1000 to 1500)
Chapter 5: The Reformation (1500 to 1648)
Chapter 6: The Church Goes Forth (1500 to 1725)
Chapter 7: New Denominations, New Opportunities (1600 to 1900)
Chapter 8: The Church In the Twentieth Century


Chapter 1: The Development of the Early Church

1 to 300 A.D.

How God prepared the Way
Jesus of Nazareth
The Rabbi from Tarsus
The Journeys of the Apostles
The Church Loses its Hebraic Roots
The Glory Goes Away
Defending the Faith
Competitors to Christianity
The First Heresies
The Roman Response to Christianity


Chapter 2: Christ Conquers Caesar

300 to 600

Controversies and Councils
While Rome Fell
The End of Arianism
The Birth of Monasticism


Chapter 3: Europe as a Christian Society

600 to 1000

The Challenge from Islam
The Church's Role in the Recovery of the West
Paulicians and Iconoclasm: the Eastern Church
The Cities Beneath Cappadocia
Charlemagne and Christendom
The Church Backslides and Splits
The Recovery of Christendom


Chapter 4: The Age of Faith

1000 to 1500

The High Water Mark of the Papacy
The Crusades
The Real Achievements of the Medieval Church
Clouds on the Horizon
The Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy, A Long Night Begins for the East


Chapter 5: The Reformation

1500 to 1648

Christendom at the Dawn of the Modern Era
The Challenge of the Renaissance
How an Overindulgence Led to the Reformation
Martin Luther
The Battle Lines are Drawn
The Cautious Zurich Experiment
The Anabaptists
John Calvin
John Knox
The Anglican Church
The Road to Augsburg
Religious Wars in France
The Revolt of the Netherlands


Chapter 6: The Church Goes Forth

1500 to 1725

The Counter-Reformation
The Jesuits
The Council of Trent
Consequences of the Reformation
Cross Versus Crescent: Africa
Cross Versus Crescent: Asia
Catholicism in America
Orthodox Growing Pains
The Thirty Years War
The Puritans and the English Civil War
Some Statistics on Religion in the Early Eighteenth Century


Chapter 7: New Denominations, New Opportunities

1600 to 1900

Arminians, Baptists and Quakers
Colonial American Christianity
Pietists, Moravians and Missionaries
The Great Awakening Begins
John and Charles Wesley
George Whitefield
From Faith to Reason
The Unitarians and Modernism
The Catholic Church Survives Revolution
The Church in Great Britain, the First Industrial Nation
Nineteenth-Century Philosophy: Reason Becomes Non-Reason


Chapter 8: The Church in the Twentieth Century

Protestant USA: A Faith for the Frontier
Strange New Sects
Preaching the Good News to All Nations
Christianity's East Wind
Zulu Zion
Southern Advance, Western Retreat

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