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The Funniest Photos Ever E-mailed to Me

Disclaimer: For a while this was the most graphic-intensive page on this site. Now, to save loading time and bandwidth, I have posted links to the pictures instead. Click on the ones you want to see, and enjoy!

  1. Sshhh . . . it's a secret.
  3. We be edumacated.
  4. Ouch!
  5. For some reason, Bill Clinton changed his dog's name to Monica.
  6. Truth in advertising?
  7. The "other" white meat.
  8. Typo?
  9. Leave your soul at the front gate, please.
  10. It was a cold, dark stormy night, and their passion finally got the better of them. It was then that they knew they had to be together. They knew it was wrong, but it felt so RIGHT.
  11. Sshhh . . . it's a secret, #2.
  12. F*&# you, Governor Bush.
  13. Sshhh . . . it's a secret, #3.
  14. Every postal worker must dream of working in this Arizona shop.
  15. Single brown kangaroo, very male, seeks single female kangaroo to hop around, make kangaroo babies and share green bushes. Hobbies include chewing on green stuff and hopping. Age not important. Must be a kangaroo, enjoy hopping and green stuff. Serious inquiries only.
  16. Oucho!
  17. Sometimes a name change is a good idea, case #1.
  18. Sister Mary Catherine discovers the world of online porn.
  19. How the state of Idaho put the street dealers out of business.
  20. Bob and Dave never made it to their original destination, wherever it was.
  21. Useless sign #1.
  22. Have another beer, dude, tomorrow you won't find it nearly as funny.
  23. Jerry Springer reaches an all time low.
  24. Major dilemma.
  25. The sign means "Caution: handicapped man-eating crocodile at bottom of hill."
  26. Turbo bar stool, VERY cool.
  27. Sometimes a name change is a good idea, case #2.
  28. Useless sign #2.
  29. Do you have a camping place?
  30. When pumpkins party too much.
  31. Baby food, Tex-Mex style.
  32. Why men shouldn't bathe babies.
  33. Your captain knows best.
  34. Your bomb technician knows best.
  35. And you were worried about the MSG.
  36. Useful advice.
  37. I think I'll keep driving.
  38. Ouch! Isn't that punishment too severe?
  39. With a title like that, how did it get only a PG-13 rating?
  40. If you believe in evolution or if you are a Democrat, don't look at this one. You have been warned.
  41. The scene they cut out of "Castaway."
  42. The first rule of working here is: no breaks.
  43. Beer -- it's not just for humans anymore.
  44. The new control box for men and women.
  45. What your dog does when you're not home.
  46. This was bound to happen . . . so get your copy today!
  47. The new "real fish sandwich" from McDonalds.
  48. Women in the information age.
  49. Cool, a naked chick skating!
  50. I hope you don't care what they're doing to reduce the carbs in fast food.
  51. Useless sign #3.
  52. Have you ever seen a cop so embarrassed?
  53. You deserve a wake today . . .
  54. What a difficult decision.
  55. The Sesame Street Gang.
  56. Hit men for hire.
  57. Obey the traffic laws. Survivors will be prosecuted.
  58. Thank you for choosing Amish Airlines, now please fasten your seat belts.
  59. Bill Gates' inbox; even he has to put up with spam.
  60. Colonel Sanders gets political.
  61. An authentic Egyptian snowman! A good representation of Ramses II, seen in Belfast during the winter of 2000-2001. The snowman is wearing a white crown and Belfast is the capital of "Upper Ireland," so could there be another snowman in Dublin, wearing the red crown of Lower Ireland?
  62. How Google looked in 1960. Oh, you didn't think it was that old? Well, we've come a long way from "snail mail" and mimeographed copies, as this will show you!
  63. Why so many hurricanes are attracted to Florida.
  64. The only place where I want to meet a troll, or, sometimes a name change is a good idea, case #3.
  65. God is trying to tell you something, and it's important enough to put on a billboard.
  66. Here's a headline I'd like to see.
  67. Consider yourself lucky if you get coal in your stocking this year.
  68. Spam kills! Here's the proof.
  69. This statue suggests that an ancient Mesomerican tribe, like the Mayan or the Toltecs, traveled as far as central Florida. My brother reminded me that those tribes no longer practice human sacrifice, but it still costs an arm and a leg to visit the Temple of the Mouse.
  70. What computer errors really mean. (This one goes to a separate page with several pictures.)
  71. No wonder George W. Bush kept winning.
  72. Cookie Monster won't talk about his past. Because Sesame Street first aired on TV in 1970, I'm guessing he is a political refugee from Biafra.
  73. What really happened to Harry Potter. This picture comes from Israel, so it shows us that with Middle Eastern wars, even a magic wand may not help much.
  74. "If you see someone drowning, laugh out loud, have some bacon, call 911." Got it!
  75. Oh look, Kittens!

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