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The Xenophile Historian

K. U. P.

(Kimball's Unauthorized Perversion)

My Success Bibliography

On the first page of this chapter, I talked about reading some positive books. One recommended book is the Bible; need I say more? Below, for your benefit, is a list of others I have read.

Why is reading the right books important? Because your philosophy determines your attitude. Your attitude determines your actions. Your actions determine your results. Your results determine your lifestyle.

What does this mean?
Philosophy = how you think.
Attitude = how you feel.
Actions = what you do.
Results = what you get.
Lifestyle = how you live.

Every day we are subject to negative influences that hold us back. Sometimes they are unavoidable, like the pessimists you work with. Other times we choose to expose ourselves to these influences, through our choice of entertainment: TV shows, movies, music, reading materials, maybe even sports. All these shape your philosophy, hence the pattern described above. If you are ever going to amount to anything, you need positive influences to offset the negative ones. The more often you expose yourself to positive influences, the better; you must become more to earn more. Typically a book is the most convenient way to get your daily positive dose. They aren't a burden to carry around, unless you're hauling a bunch of them, they don't require high-tech equipment to operate, and you don't even need electricity to read one on a sunny day.

As with the other pages in this chapter, this is an ongoing project, that I will be updating frequently; donít expect it to be finished soon.

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