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The Xenophile Historian

K. U. P.

(Kimball's Unauthorized Perversion)

Entitlement as a Way of Thinking

Entitlement is the name I have given an attitude, a way of looking at life. Those who have this attitude believe that they do not have to earn what they get. They come to believe that they get something because they are owed it, because they are entitled to it. They get what they want because of who they are, not because of what they do.

Entitlement is what I have been seeing in American corporations: people not really contributing, but still expecting to get their regular raise, their scheduled promotion . . . Entitlement destroys motivation. It lowers productivity. In the long run it crushes self-esteem . . . it is an epidemic in this country.

We are more likely to sustain Entitlement in people when . . . we see [them] as victim[s].

Here it is again: excuses in the making. When people think in "victim" terms, they believe they are freed from having to take responsibility. They are entitled to whatever simply because it is owed to them, not because they've earned it. And once things are owed to them, excuses must follow. There is no other possibility. It goes with the territory. "I shouldn't have to do this or that in order to get what I want. I am entitled to it."

Entitlement thinking is a logic in itself. It swims in the same stream of logic with reactive thinking, victimization, and excuses, excuses, excuses. It is too often the American corporate logic. It's what Dr. Bardwick calls in her subtitle "the habit that's killing American business."

Where there are excuses, there will be undesirable results! The habit of excuse-making is the habit that is breeding entitlement thinking. It is the same habit that is killing American business!

(excerpt from Let's Get Results, Not Excuses!
by James M. Bleech and Dr. David G. Mutchler)

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