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Trouble Happens: How World Religions Explain It

Taoism: Trouble happens, it's a law of nature.
Confucianism: Confucius say, there is a lesson to learn to keep this trouble from happening again.
Buddhism: If trouble happens, it is not really trouble.
Zen Buddhism: What is the sound of trouble happening?
Hinduism: Don't worry, this trouble has happened before.
Zoroastrianism: Trouble happens half the time.
Sunni Islam: If trouble happens it is the will of Allah.
Shiite Islam: If trouble happens kill Salman Rushdie.
New Age: Visualize no trouble happening.
Neopaganism: Trouble is part of the Goddess, too!
Witchcraft: If trouble happens you got the spell wrong.
Atheism: There is no trouble.
Stoicism: Trouble is good for me.
Rastafarianism: Just smoke your trouble away.
TV Evangelism: Trouble happens, but a $20 pledge will keep trouble from happening to you!
Protestantism: If trouble happens you're not working hard enough.
Scientology: If trouble happens consult Dianetics, pg. 157.
Catholicism: If trouble happens it is your fault.
Orthodox Christianity: If trouble happens it is your ancestors' fault.
Judaism: Why does trouble always happen to us?

religious symbols on a pool table
How many religious symbols do you recognize here? Click on the thumbnail for a full-sized picture in a new window. I think the red ball in the right-hand corner is supposed to represent capitalism . . .

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