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Proposed State and Provincial Mottos

Have you noticed how a lot of American states have mottos that don't tell visitors what to expect? Oklahoma, for example, calls itself the Sooner State, New York calls itself the Empire State, and Pennsylvania calls itself the Keystone State. What am I supposed to learn from those? That Pennsylvanians like to build stone arches? Meanwhile, Florida and South Dakota, two states that have nothing in common, both call themselves "the Sunshine State"; what's up with that? And have you seen the Alabama license plate that says "Stars Fell on Alabama?" That's going to have me watching out for falling meteors, the next time I'm there!

Anyway, a few years ago the following mottos/slogans were proposed to tell visitors what the states are really like. As far as I know, none are currently being used.

And now, so Canadian readers won't feel left out, here are some proposed mottos for their provinces and territories!

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