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Performance Appraisal Rubric For Students

When I was a teacher, I had to give out grades following a standard, percentage-based formula: 90% or more = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79% = C, 60-69% = D, below 60% = F. Because that was simple, I could keep track of how everyone was doing with an Excel spreadsheet. However, some educators have felt it is an unfair system; hence, we hear of some courses graded on a curve. I proposed, but did not get to use, the system shown below. I wonder why it did not catch on?

Criterion Excellent (A) Above Average (B) Average (C) Below Average (D) Poor (F)
Quality of Work Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound Needs a running start to leap over tall buildings Can only leap over a short building, or a medium building with no spikes Crashes into buildings when attempting to jump over them Cannot recognize buildings, let alone jump over them
Timeliness Faster than a speeding bullet Is as fast as a speeding bullet Not quite as fast as a speeding bullet Would you believe a slow bullet? Wounds self with bullets when attempting to use a gun
Effort & Initiative More powerful than a locomotive Is stronger than a bull elephant Is stronger than a bull Shoots the bull Smells like a bull
Adaptability Walks on water consistently Walks on water in emergencies Washes with water Drinks Water Passes water in emergencies
Communication Skills Talks with God Talks with the angels Talks to self Argues with self Loses the arguments

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