The New United States

The American Revolution had nothing to do with the land between the Appalachian mts. and the Mississippi River, so what is the United States doing, holding onto land Great Britain promised to the Indians in 1763? If the British don't want it back, let us return it to the Indians, by creating a Native American state. Members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) will serve in the provisional government, the Native American Republic, until elections can be arranged. Residents of European or African ancestry will only be allowed to stay if they can prove their ancestors were living in the region before 1776. The new republic's capital will be at Cahokia, Illinois, the site of North America's largest community before 1492; dismantlement of illegal "settlements" like Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago will begin immediately.

Once the Euro- and African-Americans have completed their withdrawal to the 1763 boundaries, Native Americans will recognize the USA's right to exist.

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