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An Alternate View of Gun Violence

I happen to live in the most armed-to-the-teeth state in the nation. According to this article from The Daily Beast, no other state comes even close to Kentucky in gun ownership. The spirit of Daniel Boone lives on here. But do I feel concerned for my safety because of that? Not at all. Most of the gun owners are hunters, policemen and military veterans, who use their guns responsibly. In their hands a gun can still be dangerous, but ultimately it is a tool, that can be used for good or evil; it all depends on the person wielding it.

Sign about Rosie on van.

As I write this, another shooting at a public school took place just two days ago (December 12, 2013). Of course having more than one mass shooting every year is an alarming trend; we never had to worry about this when I was a kid. Each time it happens, the usual voices among politicians and media personalities claim it is because there are too many guns in civilian hands, and we need more laws to keep people from acquiring them. Well, for the record, we already have plenty of laws on the books against gun violence; anybody remember what the current definition of insanity is? And even if the killers could not get guns, they could still get a knife or a baseball bat; it would just take longer to kill the same number of people. A lot of murders are committed every year with weapons that a cave man would have no trouble using.

We also hear from the same people that gun ownership is a conservative problem, presumably because conservatives consider the Constitution's Second Amendment to be critically important.

God, guns and guts bumper sticker.

In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama scornfully talked about those people in the nation's heartland, who "bitterly cling to their guns and religion." Needless to say, that includes my neighborhood. It probably also explains why Obama would rather travel abroad, than visit the states that elitist liberals call "Flyover Country."

The Hatfield clan's message to Obama.

They probably see us all as being like the survivalists from a few years back.

Armed and ready for anything!

Naturally I tend to see the matter differently. Sure, back in the twentieth century, armed right-wing extremists were a threat, but you have to admit we don't hear as much from neo-Nazis, John Birchers, survivalists, etc., as we used to. Their hate message has been rejected by mainstream America, and most of them have been discredited as losers; membership in their organizations has plummeted as a result. Nowadays the real threat is from Islamic terrorists, or from left-wing extremists. Consider these examples from the recent tragedies:

Finally, it should be mentioned that none of the above shooters was a member of the National Rifle Association. I have written elsewhere that there is more hate on the left end of today's political spectrum than on the right; there's your proof. And because most of them were insane as well, in a more sensible, less politically correct society, they would have been confined to some sort of institution.

Gun violence by county.

So there's how to make the country safer. Never mind the guns, just don't let liberal Democrats have them and lock up the crazy folks. Maybe lock up the Democrats as well, if they can't control their own extremists.

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